[23:04]  Draco Amaterasu: …..
[23:04]  Ace Azemus: Well… She finally MADE me a sandwich.
[23:04]  Draco Amaterasu: I relog to this?
[23:04]  Ace Azemus: I need to watch my phrasing.
[23:04]  ⓐⓝⓘⓢⓔAnise Heie (elphaba.cathaldus): the attack of the sammiches
[23:05]  Ace Azemus: She’s very literal.
[23:05]  Draco Amaterasu: you told her to make you a sandwich
[23:05]  Draco Amaterasu: -__-‘
[23:06]  Ace Azemus: Yes, Yes I did.
[23:06]  Ace Azemus: Be careful what you wish for.
[23:06]  Draco Amaterasu: so why are you half a sandwich?
[23:06]  Draco Amaterasu: you’re one corner
[23:06]  Draco Amaterasu: «’
[23:06]  Draco Amaterasu: she completes you
[23:06]  Draco Amaterasu: XD
[23:06]  Ace Azemus: Story of my life.
[23:07]  Ace Azemus: Let our powers combine!
[23:07]  Ace Azemus: Mega-Sandwichtron@
[23:07]  Draco Amaterasu: »’

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