Screwball Avatars – Part I

There are a few stores in Second Life that I think, if I were to win the lottery, I’d like to buy every single item in that store. Screwball Avatars, owned by Jenee Marten, is one of them. 

Screwball Avatars is a must-see for cartoon fans – particularly Looney Tunes fans, like me 🙂

Skirt: Diana by Kunglers
Top: Hunt item?

This is Lola Bunny, the girlfriend of well-known Bugs Bunny. She made her first appearance in the movie Space Jam (one of my favourite movies). 

Lola in the “Smurf’s village” built on the Screwball sim. Look how big she is compared to the tiny houses! Better hope she doesn’t take a wrong step and crush some poor Smurf’s home!

There… I think Tweety fits in Smurf Village a little better. Tweety is my favourite Looney Tune character and has been since I was a child. I love this avatar – it also comes with Tweety’s cage, just like the one in the cartoons, which has a poseball so Tweety can sit on his swing.

Tweety’s made a friend! Haha. Oh, another thing about the Tweety avatar… If you click his stomach, you can choose one of Tweety’s catchphrases and have the sound play for your friends to hear 🙂 ”I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”

Bedtime Bear from the Care Bears. I meant to get Wish Bear, actually, but I made a mistake! Oh well… I still love my Bedtime Bear avatar! 

Part II tomorrow!

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