Once of the first pictures I ever took in Second Life

Originally, I’d titled this “The first picture I ever took in Second Life”, but that’s not entirely true. I know I took a few pictures of my Avatar when I first figured out how to edit my appearance, and made my hair orange, my skin almost as pale and freckly as my own, and made my height somewhat closer to my real-life shortness. However, I don’t know what happened to those pictures… I must have deleted them.

This is the oldest photo (that I’ve kept) of my avatar, taken in 2008. I’d just been shown where to get freebie items for my avatar and taught how to attach them. My internet connection was quite slow back then, and my computer was pretty slow also, so I had my graphics at the lowest setting. Still, I don’t think this is too bad, for one of my first pictures in Second Life 🙂 I really like the scenery.

I’d love to go back and re-create this picture with my current avatar (and higher graphics setting), however, I have absolutely no idea where it was taken. I’ve tried to look through Natalia Zelmanov’s blog to try and find it, but I’ve had no luck 😦 Does anyone know where this sim could be, if it’s still there?

I’m turning on photo replies, so, if you’d like, please feel free to show me one of the first pictures of your avatar! 🙂

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