Om nom nom! (Food in Second Life) – Part 1

Sorry for going so long, again, without updating! Last time I didn’t update for a while, I explained it was because I was feeling good for once and wanted to do lots of things while I still could… Well, this time my excuse is that I’ve been feeling really terrible, and I tend to isolate myself when I’m feeling like this. I don’t log onto things like MSN, Skype, and of course, Second Life, because I don’t want to have to sit up and answer IMs. Plus, I admit, I get a bit snappy and cranky when I feel like this. 

However, I wasn’t feeling too bad last week, so I logged on to Second Life for a while to sort through my inventory of over 18,000 items, all completely unorganised :-p Somewhere waaaay in the bottom of my objects folder, I found this TAIYAKI Set by HANAUTA, a purchase I made waaaay back in 2008/2009. This was one of my favourite items, it was just so cute.

I was pleased to find that the creator is still around, and still has a shop in SL, on the Mont Saint Michel sim.

As well as some really super-cute products – including the TAIYAKI set – there’s three Gacha things near the entrance. I’ve never bought anything from a Gacha before, but these are just so cute, and only L$20, so I got one of each and teleported back home to see what I got.

From “Gacha Ice Candy”, I got a strawberry ice cream. I’m happy with that, I really wanted the chocolate one, but I like strawberry too.

From “Gacha Sweets” I got a cream puff! Yay, that’s the one I wanted. I’ve never tried cream puffs, but they look delicious, I’d really like to try them, and maybe even learn to make them someday.

And from “Gacha Bread” I got an egg-toast. Hm, I really wanted the crossaint, but okay 🙂

Hair: Becky (gingers) by Truth Hair  
Skin: Opaline (sienna) by Curio
Dimples: L.Fauna Skins
Eyes: Natural Eye by HAYSURIZA  
Shirt: No Logo Polo (pink) by ~Scribble~
Pants: GX Ripped Jeans (blue) by (Yuli)
Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops (colour change) by Urban Bomb Unit

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