Free KittyCat for SL9B!

As a gift for Second Life’s 9th birthday, KittyCatS is giving out free limited-time birthday kitties on the KittyCatS SL9B sim, from now until June 29th 🙂 Simply click on the gift box on the sim and you will receive your free KittyCat (limited to one per person!)

When you get home, or a sandbox, or any other Sim you can rez stuff on, drag your box on the ground, then left click on it, and then Unpack from the menu. You’ll receive a folder called – it comes with a party hat, a balloon, some food for your new KittyCat, and of course, your KittyKat, which you should rez on the ground. Yes, it is supposed to look like a smaller version of the birthday cake 🙂 Then click on the cake and wait five minutes for it to be ready. Do NOT right click and open/unpack!

Yue patiently waits for her new brother or sister.

It’s a girl! She’s so adorable, I love her little blue nose. I’m thinking of naming her Yuko, after Oshima Yuko from AKB48.

After I picked up my new KittyCat, I also stopped by the KittyCats Main Store and bought a collar for Yue. I’d actually really like to have a custom collar for her, a Water Tribe necklace from Avatar: The Legend Of Aang… I could make it myself, in fact I would rather do it that way, making it myself, but I don’t know how I’d go about putting it on her, and I’m too afraid I’d mess up and accidentally destroy her :-S (Especially since… well, I’ve spent quite a bit of money on her, lol)

KittyCat cuddles ❤

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