Happy Fourth of July to my friends from the U.S.A!


Today is our third Fourth of July together! In 2010, when our relationship started, we spent the Fourth of July in Wolf Mountain Ski Resort, watching the fireworks. It was my first Fourth of July, not being from the U.S.A, myself. I wanted to come back last year, but I think I was probably very sick that day, in fact I think I might have been in hospital or just home from hospital… but this year I was determined to come back and watch the fireworks again with Ace!


I bought these really cool scripted nails just for today! I love, love, love them ❤ The nails come with a HUD that lets you change each individual nail. I want one of these, but for Hogwarts Houses, lol. Maybe I’ll make some myself, if nobody else does? Hmm… 🙂


Hair: Becky (light blondes) by Truth Hair  
Skin: Opaline (sienna) by Curio
Dimples: L.Fauna Skins
Eyes: Natural Eye by HAYSURIZA  
Top: Wrapped Vest (red) by Refuge
Jeans:  GX Ripped BLUE Jeans by (Yuli) 
Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops (colour change) by Urban Bomb Unit
Nails: Scripted Nails – USA – Long Square by My Pretty Pixels

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