Who you gonna call?

A couple weeks ago, my good friend Vic gave us a tour of the Ghostbusters sim, which hosts a Ghostbusters RP. When he teleported me in to the Sedgewick Hotel (after everything had loaded) I was immediately impressed by just how much detail they put into the sim. I’ve only recently seen both movies for the first time – well, the first time I’ve seen them completely, that is – so they were very fresh in my mind. I recognised A LOT of things from the movies.

Once we’d bought our uniforms and proton packs (and I’d bossed the boys into posing for a photo), we stepped out onto the streets to play with our new toys.

Made by the Enoch brothers – yes, the Mouse World guys (man, do I ever freaking MISS that sim) – these proton packs work on the ghosts that can be found all over the sim. Catching ghosts (and emptying them at the firehouse) will earn you “money” – NOT L$, but Ghostbuster-sim money, which can be used to buy upgrades for your proton packs. Here’s Ace and I attempting to catch some low-level ghosts, but setting the road on fire instead :-p 

(I’d just like to point out that is CLEARLY not my fire, but Ace’s!)

Our friend set out a trap, which Ace walked right into. “How much did you get for him?” I asked. “… I owed money.” He replied. Ace was… not impressed :-p

After catching a couple ghosts, Vic continued our tour of the sim. As I mentioned earlier, this sim has a LOT of places from the movies. I took A LOT of photos, most of them I couldn’t include in this blog post ‘cause I think it’s going to be long enough already. I might post them in a separate post later… maybe. I think you really should check out the sim and see what’s there yourself!

Even if you’ve never seen the movies, you gotta know who this guy is! It’s the Stay Puft marshmallow man – which I’ve been told is an actual, real life brand in the U.S… is that true?

Edit: Nope. I was definitely thinking of the Pillsbury Dough Boy there. Oops!

Edit (2): Okay, Ace informs me I was right before, Stay Puft IS real. Some people made actual Stay Puft marshmallows based on the movie. I want to try them!

By the way, the Stay Puft marshmallow isn’t always there, he only appears if you can find him, and find how to make him appear. You can also make him ‘splode, and if you cam down, you’ll see the mess all over the road, like in the movie! 

Actually, there’s a few different ways to interact with the scenery, as you can see here. There’s really a lot of thought put into this sim, and it shows!

For fans of the Ghostbusters cartoon, there’s lots of locations from that series. Vic informs me this is one of them. There’s also at least two more. And if you haven’t seen the cartoons but would like to, they actually have a room above the firehouse with a TV that plays them 🙂

Here’s Ace and I, relaxing and watching Ghostbusters II at the cinema after a hard day of setting the sim on fire catching ghosts.

Hair: Kristin (gingers) by Truth Hair  
Skin: Opaline (sienna) by Curio
Dimples: L.Fauna Skins
Eyes: Natural Eye by HAYSURIZA   
Uniform: GB Uniform 1 by BLITZ!
Proton Pack: Ghostbusters Avatar by Enoch Brothers
Shoes: Female Action Boots (in Library)
Hat: From Olive Drab Uniform Set with Digi legs! by ::Monalisa’s Smile ::

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