A few tattoos I’ve made on SL.

Sometime a while ago – I think at least two years ago? – we got tattoo layers in Second Life. This, along with the ability to have different textures on arms, and the ability to log on in offline mode, is one of the things I’ve always really thought Second Life needed, so I was really happy when I discovered this. 

Today, I thought I might show you’s a few of the tattoos I’ve created 🙂

The first tattoo I ever made was Raven’s tattoo, from the Teen Titans comics. Raven is my absolute favourite character, and I roleplayed as her a few years ago on the Aftermath sim. When I made this tattoo, it was a little while before tattoo layers came about, so I had to put it as an undershirt layer, which is why it’s a little higher up than I’d like – at the time I was REALLY poor, even more than I am now… I definitely couldn’t afford to upload the upper AND lower texture, lol. That would have taken hours to “camp” for!

My best friend Jetta very kindly posed for some pictures of the tattoos I made her awhile back! 🙂 Thank you, min Jetts ❤

These tattoos are actually based on the tattoos Jetta has in RL! Recently, she’s got a Doctor Who tattoo on her arm, which I’d like to make, however… the whole one-texture-for-two-arms thing. (I’ll probably never stop bitching about that. -shrug-)

Finally, this is my dove tattoo, based on a really nice design I found on the internet. I have no tattoos IRL – yet – but when I do, this is exactly what I plan to get.

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