Day 4: How did you meet?


We met in a DC Comics roleplay on Second Life. I played Raven, and he played Hal Jordan. Our characters were in other relationships – Raven with Beast Boy, and Hal with Terra, however we started talking one day when we did a casual, fun roleplay to cheer up a friend. While roleplaying, he IM’d me and we started talking about his plans for his spring break, and continued talking for hours. After that, we started speaking for hours every day, when previously we’d only had small talk while in a group chat with our friends. We had lots in common, including comics (of course), Doctor Who and Avatar: The Legend Of Aang. At some point, we decided to start roleplaying as Mai and Zuko, and, well, that’s where it all started 🙂

My fiance is here for a (waaaay too short) visit, his third time here. He’ll be arriving tomorrow morning and I have soooo much I need to do before then, so I thought I’d very quickly reblog this from my main blog before I go on my sorta-hiatus! 🙂

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