Sorry for the lack of posts…

I’ve been feeling particularly awful lately, mood-wise, and kinda avoiding talking to… well, anyone. At all. So, I haven’t been logging on to Second Life, even though I’d really like to build stuff and clean out my inventory.

So, I don’t have anything new to blog about. I’m sorry! I had a few posts planned before I went into angry, antisocial asshole mode – including a Halloween post – but I’ll get to that another time when I don’t feel like I’d react like Carla from Scrubs if anyone tried to talk to me.

Anyway… So, I was looking through my old personal blog a few days ago, when I found this:

This is from all the way back from 2006. Unfortunately, that’s the only one, and I can’t find it in a bigger size – it was resized really small to fit with all the other photos on the blog I posted it on, because for some reason back then I thought it was cool to have the photos on my blog be really small. 

Anyway. So, that’s my real first Second Life picture 🙂 As you can see, I’d only just worked out how to edit my hair and skin, but hadn’t quite got the hang of prim hair and clothes. Also, my hand kinda cut through my stomach, ouch.

I remember when I uploaded this photo to my (now deleted) profile on MySL, and someone rated it one star. I was super insulted at the time, but I can definitely see why, haha. (Still, RUDE, I was just a newbie after all…) I’d like to think I’ve improved, if even just a little bit – my actual photography skills are still practically nonexistant, though :-p

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