This is Halloween!

When I was a kid, I’m pretty sure my friend and I were one of only a few kids in the neighbourhood who went out trick-or-treating… and usually only some of the houses we went to had something to give us – most of them weren’t actually prepared for trick-or-treaters and gave us lollies, chocolate bars, chips and fruit they already had in their cupboards.

Halloween isn’t really a big thing where I’m from. Though recently it’s getting more popular thanks to American TV, and the internet, there’s still not many kids who go out trick-or-treating… We got one last year, and I don’t think we had any at all the year before, though we always have something ready just in case.

Today I logged on to Second Life for the first time in over a month, just in time to do a few Halloween themed hunts currently going on. This year, instead of going on several big, 50-unknown-items, grid-wide hunt, I’ve decided to stick to just a couple of smaller hunts. 

The first one is the Haunted Cornfield Maze and Trick and Treat Hunt. It’s an interactive cornfield maze, where you grab a Trick or Treat Candy Cauldron and go searching through objects for very cute vintage Halloween Cards. Once you’ve found all of them (every found card has a clue to finding the next one!), you can collect the grand prize!

Spiders. Why did it have to be spiders? Asdfghjkl oh god WHY did it have to be spiders?!

Relaxing by the campfire, listening to spooky stories told by a spooky skull.

The grand prize at the end of the maze: a Witch’s broom, which I’ve been needing. The broom I bought a few years ago keeps flying up when I don’t want it to >_> This one works just fine, though, and it has a very cute pose AND comes with a red Witch’s hat! 🙂

Hair: Tamina (gingers) by Truth Hair  
Skin: Opaline (sienna) by Curio
Dimples: L.Fauna Skins
Eyes: Natural Eye by HAYSURIZA  
Eyelashes:  Eyelashes -06- Natural by *REDGRAVE*
Dress: Foxy Black Dress by Nyte’N’Day
Skirt: scene starlett tutu by Rotten Toe
Black Boots: Black Laced up Knee Boots by Dino’s Bootique
Black Hat: Witch Hunt Special Item by Samsara Design Clothes (past hunt item)
Red Boots: Color changing Seduciana High Heel boots by Sugar & Spice
Red Hat: 
Haunted Cornfield Maze and Trick and Treat Hunt (current hunt item)

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