This is Halloween! (Part 2)

Went on another Halloween themed hunt tonight 🙂 This time, I went to the Spooksville Hunt & Trick or Treat Gatcha Fair. For this hunt, bones have been scattered all over the haunted village, so grab a HUD and collect them all to receive the grand prize! Also, each bone you find comes with a little prezzie, so you’ll still get a lot of cool free stuff, even if you can’t find them all – like I thought would be the case for me… I had such a hard time finding the last two hands!


As well as the hunt, there’s a Gacha Fair on the sim. For L$13, you can get either a “trick prize or a “treat” prize. This one was my favourite. I wanted both the “trick” AND the “treat”, so I had a couple of tries and got them both ❤ Haha, I think that’s the most tries I’ve ever done on a single Gacha :-p 

(By the way… Do make sure to have a proper look at all the Gachas. Just… trust me.)


Rats. Why did it have to be —- 

Just kidding :-p Actually, I’m totally fine with rats, lol


I’m not sure if the grand prize is supposed to be a surprise or not, so I decided not to post a photo of it just in case… Instead, here’s my very gorgeous, very Halloween-y “trick” Gacha prize – the Twisted Tree Deck – as well as one of the prizes I got from one of the bones – the Mesh Rocking Chair.

Happy Halloween ❤

Hair: Tamina (gingers) by Truth Hair
Skin: Opaline (sienna) by Curio
Dimples: L.Fauna Skins
Eyes: Natural Eye by HAYSURIZA  
Eyelashes:  Eyelashes -06- Natural by *REDGRAVE*
Costume: Pirate Wench: Slate Blue by [:Decolletage:] (can’t find store)
Black Boots: from Ghostbusters Avatar by Enoch Brothers
Backpack: *PB Pirate Rucksack Green* by Planet Blue 

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