(Beach-dome) on a cloud…


So, a hiatus… That’s a thing that happened. I apologise for posting absolutely nothing at all since last year. A lot of changes have happened in my life recently, not one of them good in the least bit.

Up until recently, I haven’t been on Second Life in quite a while. Hrmm… to be honest, I’ve had this post in my drafts for a couple of weeks now, constantly editing to explain exactly why I’d been avoiding SL. I’d written down a long, long, tl;dr rant post filled with passive-agressive (and sometimes just downright agressive) personal attacks. However, as much as I want to say what’s really on my mind, I think I should probably leave my personal crap out of this blog at the moment. Besides, goodness knows I’ve ranted enough on my personal Tumblr… and, well, pretty much everywhere else.

That said, I am very grateful to have found out who my real friends are. Those who IM’ed me whenever I log in just to check if I’m okay, who took my side in this whole mess, who’ve listened to me rant and scream and everything without threatening to delete or mute me, who have come by and hung out for hours so I wouldn’t be alone with my thoughts… Well, anyway, you know who you are, and I just want to thank you, is all. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all this without you. I mean it… Thank you.

So, anyway, moving on: I’ve recently bought a bit of land on Second Life! It’s been awhile since I’ve had my own place – a little over two years. It took quite a bit of looking around before I finally found the right place! Everywhere I looked was either too expensive or had too small of a prim limit (or both!). I was about to give up and just set my home to one of the quieter public sims I hang out at, until I found the perfect place! 🙂

I found out about .::Bella Pointe::.  while browsing the Second Life marketplace. I was almost immediately sold on the price, and the option to add more prims if I wished, but it definitely didn’t hurt that the available land looked so beautiful. The available choices of land were “The Hollow” (gothic) “Mountain Retreat” (mountains), “Sakura Island” (Japan), and “The Cove” (beach).

I decided to go with a small rental (250 prims for L$399/week) on one of the beach areas 🙂 I’m absolutely loving my new place. It’s very secure and private, and I love the free gifts (from a bag in the store) – a TV, a radio, an AO for swimming in the water, some jet skis and floating tubes.


*scrolls* “What a lazy blogger – no updates since 2012! Tsk!”

I also bought a new house to put in my new home. I do love my little skybox apartment, but I gotta say, while it looks lovely on the inside, the outside – a plain box – doesn’t quite look right, plonked down in the middle of the beach. My new home looks perfect, in my opinion, and really completes my little beach-dome. It came furnished too, with a cute rocking chair on the verandah, a decorative surfboard, a bed and bathtub, and some lovely beachy pictures that I quickly replaced with fandom posters :-p

Hair: Tamina (reds) by Truth Hair
Skin: Pout (pure, petal) by Curio
Dimples: Dark Prophet
Eyes: Natural Eye by HAYSURIZA
Eyelashes:  Eyelashes -06- Natural by *REDGRAVE*
Bikini: “Margarita” White by =DeLa*=
Shirt: Wet Tank Tops – WHITE by .:: DELISH ::.
Shorts: Jordyn Shorts – Coal by (Elephant Outfitters)

House: BABYMALIBU by InVerse
Campfire: MaD mAX Campfire by ** MaD mAX Design
Laptop: Laptop Rex V3 by Planet Blue
Radio: .::Bella Pointe::. Radio 3.0 (mesh) by .::Bella Pointe::.

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