Gacha fun!


Up until a few weeks ago, I’d never actually been to The Arcade to try my luck on the Gacha machines. To be honest, I haven’t really had the $L to spare up until recently. This month, though, one of the gacha machines had flag bracelets, which I really, really wanted – flag bracelets of my three favourite countries (Australia, Sweden, and Japan) in particular.

A little more than a week, and fourty (yes, FOURTY!) tries later and after little browsing around yardsales, I finally got my silver Australia, Sweden, and Japan bracelets! I found Sweden at a yardsale (and got another Sweden a while later on the Gacha), traded with someone for Australia, and got Japan on my fourtieth try on the Gacha machine. 


ASO! National Flag Bracelet (Japan) silver
ASO! National Flag Bracelet (Australia) silver
ASO! National Flag Bracelet (Sweden) silver
[gacha location]

I also picked up a few other items in my desperate search for those three bracelets.

gacha_003 gacha_004

Left: Plushie Pals: Percy the Shih Tsu by Intrigue Co. [gacha location]
Right: Aquarium Fish: Kissing Fish by Yummy [gacha location]

I picked up Percy and the Aquarium fish ’cause my lovely dog, Rosie, also happens to be a Shih Tsu. Actually, I’ve searched Second Life for a pet Shih Tsu – kinda like my KittyCats – for my avatar, but haven’t really found anything that was within my price range. I’m really happy with this adorable little Plushie Pal, though… Look at the cute little mouth ❤

The Kissing Fish reminded me of the two fish I had when I was about ten years old – Crystal Light and Miranda. I didn’t have them for very long. I kept them in my uncle’s fish tank in his caravan, and when he moved, the fish went with him ’cause I didn’t have my own fish tank.


And this is My First Boom Box: Smurf by the Secret Store [gacha location]. I don’t really have a big reason for getting this, I just… wanted it, lol.


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