Wizarding Faire 2013

It’s been about a year and a half since I made my first post on my Tumblr blog. Titled “First post! Hufflepuff pride~“, it was a post introducing my Hufflepuff character, Gwenyth Skeffington. Since then, I’ve found out about a new Hogwarts roleplaying sim called Mischief Managed. I’ve begun writing out an application for the sim several times, only to decide I didn’t like what I’d written and scrapped it – that’s happened a lot lately, heh.

The Wizarding Faire started a little over a week ago, on the Mischief Managed sim. I stopped by the other day to pick up a couple of items I spotted on the Wizarding Faire 2013 Flickr… and ended up buying at least one thing from each area XD (Zero regrets, by the way).


The Hufflepuff girl pulled out a scrap of parchment from inside the sleeve of her cardigan. “All right,” she said, eyes scanning her shopping list one more time before heading into Diagon Alley. “I only need to pick up a few school books, so this shouldn’t take too long…”

To be perfectly honest, I was somewhat disappointed when Pottermore was discovered to not exactly be the MMO I so thought/hoped it would be. I mean, I’m happy we got what we got, and I know there’s some people who were relieved it wasn’t going to be one, but still… Can’t help but think of the possibilities, y’know?

That said, I was really surprised by just how lovely the Mischief Managed sim was. I did have a look at the actual Hogwarts castle (you’re allowed to have a look as long as you wear an OOC tag), and… wow! It’s basically what I dreamed Pottermore would look like – better, even!


Diagon Alley! I took this photo when there were as few people on the sim as possible, as I don’t like standing around in crowded places – in SL or in RL. I always feel like I’m in the way, even if I’m as far out of the way as I can get, hehe. There were still quite a few people around, as you can see, even at this time. I hope the sim is as busy when the Wizarding Faire is over and I finally get around to writing my application – it’d be nice to have lots of Hufflepuffs for Gwenyth to hang out with 🙂


“School supplies… That’s all I’m getting. Just a few books and a new suitcase. Nothing else, gotta stay focused – ooh! Chocolate frog cards!” About a half hour and several galleons later, Gwenyth continued through Diagon Alley with an armful of chocolate Frogs and a not-at-all-guilty look on her face. 

Eeyup. I really need someone to accompany to places where there’s gachas, lol – someone who can stop me from trying X0 times. I didn’t end up with the Helga Hufflepuff card I wanted, but I did get a rare Salazar Slytherin, and many other awesome cards. If anyone’s looking for the Slytherin card and has a Hufflepuff they’d be willing to trade with me, please, please comment here or IM me in-world 😀


Gwenyth looked around at her purchases: A new suitcase, an extra Hufflepuff scarf, two pet owls, two matching Hufflepuff scarves for said owls… oh, and of course, the school books she made the trip to Diagon Alley for in the first place, most of them stuffed in her suitcase… along with countless chocolate frog cards. Not to mention, an entirely empty purse. The tall redhead thought for a moment, before deciding she had absolutely no regrets.

Hair: Jennifer Veganic by Action Hair
Headband: StaryBoo – BlackScary by :: Pacotille :: *
Skin: Pout (pure, petal) by Curio
Beauty Marks: Quickly whipped up in GiMP by me 🙂
Eyes: Natural Eye by HAYSURIZA
Eyelashes: Eyelashes -06- Natural by *REDGRAVE*
Stockings: from the Bunny avatar by SLink
Uniform: Jenny – Hufflepuff Black by FATEplay
Scarf: Evans – Badger by FATEplay **
Shoes: School Loafer (black) by Edelweiss
The Suitcase by {Amala} **
Owlets by .Birdy. **
Wizard Books H1 – Standard Book of Spells by [okkbye] **

* Old item, unable to find the store…
** From Wizarding Faire 2013

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