Mercury Bubbles

Sorry I haven’t made any posts since New Years, but I’ve been having issues with my laptop. As in, my old-but-actually-new laptop can’t turn on, and the cheapie one I just bought to replace is a useless hunk of junk. I mean, I know, you get what you pay for, but geez… I have SL at the absolute lowest settings, like, I put it on Low and even then I turn down a few things, but it’s still unbelievably laggy and it crashes a lot, so I can’t do much more than stay in my little Japan-dome. (Oh! I moved out of my Beach-dome a month or so ago, into one of the “Sakura Island” domes – Gotta love Bella Pointe, they transferred the time I had left into my new Japan-dome.)

I did get to leave for a little bit to check out the Cutie Moon fair, although not without a lot of crashing and lag. Managed to pick up a few things while I was there – mainly Sailor Mercury stuffs. Okay, entirely Sailor Mercury stuffs, lol. What can I say? She’s my favourite. Actually, I remember when I used to watch Sailor Moon as a child, Sailor Jupiter was my favourite – for the sole reason that she had brown hair (like me) and wore green (my favourite colour). After a while, though, I decided I preferred Sailor Mercury, and I still do.


I was going to head back over and surprise my bestie/sister-across-the-world with a bunch of Sailor Venus items for her birthday, but I ended up sleeping through almost the entirety of the last few days of the fair… Oh well. I’ve managed to track down the stores of most of the things I think she’d have wanted, and some of them have their Cutie Moon items still available!

(Can’t believe I was actually able to get one photo with Basic Shaders on! I seriously didn’t think I’d be able to save this snapshot, but when I heard that “Click!”… ugh, such a relief, after crashing so many times!)

Hair: Holly (Rainbow) by Dernier Cri
Skin: Kumi (Ivory) by Pink Fuel
Eyes: Natural Eye by HAYSURIZA
Glasses: Purada2 glasses 8 colors pack by mknaomi
Dress: Sweet Sailor Dress by The Secret Store *
 *MishMish* *

* Bought at the Cutie Fair… Doesn’t seem to be available in store just yet.

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