I’ve just got Pixlexia, okay?

Candy Fair 2014 started on the third of October and will be ending in a few days, on the 17th – so hurry over there while you can! The two sims are soooo cute, and there’s a ton of gacha machines in a designated “Gacha Park”, which has a chocolate river in the middle where the Sim Crossing is. And the fairy floss trees are adorable ❤


I only found out about this event a few days ago, completely by chance… I was desperately searching through the Marketplace for candy deco for the bed I rented on the Mischief Managed roleplay sim, when I decided to take my search to Google instead, where I found the Candy Fair Flickr group, just in time to drop by and pick up a few things before the event ends. What luck, huh? 🙂

Speaking of luck – I’ve been searching for an outfit like the one Vanellope Von Schweetz wears in the movie Wreck-It Ralph since it came out. No lie, I’ve got several Marketplace search terms bookmarked, “Vanellope” being one of them. I thought there might be a Sugar Rush-inspired thing or two at the event, but I was surprised – and very, very pleased – to find Wimey’s “The Glitch” Hoodie and Skirt! ❤ Now, after finding a few extra items (and making a few myself), I finally have an adorable Vanellope costume – and just in time for Halloween!


Skin: Kumi (Ivory) by Pink Fuel
Lips: Doll Gloss/Teeth from the Elly skin by Pink Fuel
Red nose/cheeks: Quickly made in GIMP by me
Eyes: FATEeyes by Damien Fate
Hair: Rachel (Blacks) by Wasabi Pills
Hair Accessories: Made in SL by me
Hoodie: The Glitch Mint Hoodie by Wimey *
Skirt: The Glitch Skirt Chocolate by Wimey *
Slowly made in GIMP by me
Fairy Floss: Cotton Candy Pink by *~*Hopscotch*~* **

* Bought at the Candy Fair… Doesn’t seem to be available in store just yet.
** Free, from the Cotton Candy machine at the Candy Fair

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