Wizarding Faire is back! (Part Three)

Eep! There’s only a couple days left of Wizarding Faire! It’s gone by so fast…

So, for my last Wizarding Faire post, I’m going to show off my stuff from Orange*Pekoe’s Herbology gacha 🙂


Unfortunately, I missed out on the rare outfit, which I really wanted. I did, however, get the secret rare in all the houses… Except my favourite house, Hufflepuff, lmao. Did anyone happen to get the secret Hufflepuff rare and would be willing to trade for one of the other Houses? How ’bout it: Secret rare for secret rare, lol please…

Yay! I did a trade with a very nice person and got the rare outfit, secret Hufflepuff rare, and the other Mandrake pot. Very happy Britts right here 🙂


Hair: Dove (blondes) by Truth Hair
Skin: Pout (pure, petal) by Curio *
Lipstick: *YS&YS* Lip Stick Addon for Padme Skin by *YS &YS* – YourSkin & YourShape
Eyes: FATEeyes by Damien Fate
Beauty Marks: Made by me
Leggings: Made by me
Hut: Ye Olde Long Hut by Michigan’s Shack
Table: Rustic Table 1a (gift) by Envisage: Limitless

Wizarding Faire Goodies…
Jumper: House Pride Jumpers (TP)
Herbology Stuff: Herbology Gacha (TP)

* Retired skin

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