Geeks’n’Nerds 2015

Y’know, I think this is pretty much the first time I’ve switched out from my Gwyneth Skeffington avatar in at least a few months. It… actually feels really nice to be Raven again.

And it’s DEFINITELY nice to be back at Geeks’n’Nerds for 2015!


In all her mostly-infinite patience (and, she had to admit, love), Raven couldn’t help but smile to herself as the green shapeshifter on her shoulder launched into his umpteenth repetition of the chorus of Karma Chameleon.

I was able to get a lot more this year than at last year’s Geeks’n’Nerds. I just looove the “A Piece Of My Heart” bag ❤ I also had a few turns at some of the gachas, getting most of the stuff I wanted – as well as my “Garfield Logan”-coloured chameleon, I was able to win a gold Ravenclaw necklace… Didn’t get the Hufflepuff one for my Gwyn avatar, or my… um, my me avatar :-p I’d like to try again on Friday before the event closes, when I’m able to get more $L. I also got the Cue Card For A Time Traveller containing one of my favourite, favourite quotes from one of my favourite, favourite episodes of Doctor Who.


“Every life is a pile of good things and bad things…

The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”

And then… there’s this. (Also, I really need to do a proper blog post about my Raven – Angel of Darkness HUD at some point! Looooove this thing.)


Who, indeed?

This year’s Geeks’n’Nerds is located on the Transilvania sim – it started on the 17th of October and will finish up on the 1st of November. There’s also a lovely booth that has been set up for Scarlet Chandrayaan the creator of Alouette, where talented creators have made some very nice geeky/nerdy things… The purchases go toward helping to pay for keeping her store up in SL, which is awesome – so go check it out when you can! 🙂

Hair #1: [01] Honest by Magika
Hair #2: Vibrato (Naturals) by LeLutka
Skin: Pout (pure, petal) by Curio *
Cleavage: Breast & Cleavage Enhancer by [AYUMI]
Lipstick: Matte Lips from the Kumi skin by Pink Fuel
Eyes: FATEeyes by Damien Fate
Eyelashes: Eyelash Tattoos by Strawberry Singh
Eyeshadow: Smoke Basics Eyeshadow by cheLLe
Earrings: Taj Earrings Majestic by Styles by Danielle
Full Perm Rigged Ladies Cropped Hoodie by Meli Imako
Ripped BLACK Jeans by (Yuli)
Shoes: The Ultimate Boots by Alyce
Powers: Raven – Angel of Darkness HUD by –= Solarium =–

Geeks ‘n’ Nerds Goodies…
 Chameleon Companions Gacha by Hextraordinary (TP)
 Fandom Invasion Gacha by Wimey (TP)
Cue Card: Cue Cards for a Time Traveller Gacha by Wimey (TP)
Top: Summer of Fandoms by Wimey (TP)
  by NeverWish (TP) **
 A Piece Of My Heart Bag by NeverWish (TP)

* Retired skin
** Freebie

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